Our Approach

We use design thinking & human-centered design along with understanding business strategy, competitors and users to build the best product for your success.

Design Thinking & Strategic Branding

We use design thinking to understand audiences deeply and discover insights. This guides us to strategic branding and designing for growth.

Partnering with Us

Partnering with our team gives you access to expert product, brand and multidisciplinary designers. A perfected design process built for growth.

Design Process

1. Discovery

Through understanding business objectives and users, we discover insights to guide ideation. This allows us to to create a strategic plan for impact and business growth.

This phase includes

  • User Research
  • Design thinking for growth
  • Human Centered Design
  • Interviews, Surveys & User Insights
  • Pain Points Analysis
  • Targeted User Personas
  • User Flow / User Stories / Use Cases / User Journey
  • Business Strategy Roadmap

2. Ideation

We ideate and explore creative concepts and define solutions. By testing potential solutions, we solve user pain points and align with the strategic business plan.

This phase includes

  • Concept & Ideation building
  • Wire framing
  • Prototyping
  • Storytelling & Storyboarding
  • User testing & Validation

3. Build

Through the research and insights we design and build the brand or product.

This phase includes

  • Brand Identity Guidline
  • Logos, Icons & Graphic design
  • UI designing
  • Product Design & Assets
  • Templates (ppt etc)
  • Art Direction
  • Print assets

4. Growth

At this stage we observe how users are interacting with our build. Through continuous testing and research we iterate different solution for continuous growth.

This phase includes

  • KPI/Metric tracking
  • Refined Creative Assets
  • Consulting for growth
  • Social media marketing guideline

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